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The Health Benefits of Using a Copper Water Bottle

The Health Benefits of Using a Copper Water Bottle

An Oggn Home’s Journey towards a Better Lifestyle

In our quest for a sustainable lifestyle, the choices we make related to utilizing our daily products often have a bigger impact on the human body. One such everyday item that has the greatest health benefits is copper-based water bottles.  

At Oggn Home, we always support healthy living. With the launch of our new product, the copper-based water bottles we are progressing towards a sustainable lifestyle and hope that our customers use them in their daily lifestyle. So, here in this blog, we will discuss the benefits of utilizing a copper-based Oggn Home’s Sutra Plain Copper Water Bottle

Ancient Knowledge of Using Copper Vessels: An Oggn Home’s Research 

Copper has been utilized for therapeutic purposes in many civilizations for ages. According to the practices of Ayurveda, keeping water in copper containers overnight and drinking it the next morning helps stabilize the body's three major energies, i.e., Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. Because here the water is overnightly enriched with copper ions. This old ritual is now in today's world commonly referred to as "Copper Recharged Water".  

Oggn Home’s Copper-Based Water Bottle’s Benefits  

  1.  One of the many well-known positive aspects of copper is its antibacterial abilities. Copper has been revealed in studies to be efficient at reducing harmful microbes, viruses, and germs. Using a copper-based Oggn’s  Sapphire Copper Bottle reduces the danger of consuming these bacteria, resulting in a healthier gut and a stronger immune system.


  2. Copper-based Oggn Homes containers are more potent antioxidants than plastic products. Because copper can aid in the fight against free radicals, which are unstable atoms that can harm cells, leading to aging and illness. Drinking water from Oggn Home’s product, a Hammered Copper Water Bottle can help reduce the aging process and prevent ailments such as heart disease, cancer, and osteoarthritis.

  3. Oggn’s Copper vessels like Meena-Printed Copper Water Bottles have been scientifically shown to help improve gut function. It induces a contraction and release of the stomach lining, allowing food to pass through the gastrointestinal tract efficiently. Copper rather than plastic also helps to cleanse the stomach, improve liver and kidney function, and assure nutritional absorption from a healthy diet.

  4. Copper jars from Oggn Homes help to control blood pressure, heart rate, and lipid levels. Having copper-infused water from Oggn’s Copper Jug can promote cardiac wellness by dilating blood vessels and decreasing plaque buildup in the artery walls. 

  5. Oggn Home’s Hammered Copper Water Bottle is helpful for the creation of phosphate lipids which are required for the development of myelin sheaths, the protective covering that surrounds neurons. This, in turn, Hammered Copper Bottle also helps improve brain function and diseases.

  6. A water bottle from Oggn Homes can help lessen joint pain and inflammation, making it a good alternative for individuals seeking organic relief. Copper's anti-inflammatory qualities can help those struggling with arthritis and other inflammatory diseases.

  7. Turning to an Oggn Home bottle made up of copper instead of plastic is also an ecologically friendly decision. Despite bottles made of plastic, which pollute the planet while harming organisms, the Hammered Copper Water Bottle is reusable and biodegradable. 

    Sutra Copper Hammered Water Bottle 950ml

Oggn Home’s Experience of Copper Water Bottle

At Oggn Home, the switch to copper bottles for water has been a joyful experience. We have observed changes in our overall wellness, and we are proud to have made a sustainable option that benefits the environment. The natural antibacterial characteristics have given us cleaner, fresher-tasting water, and the practicality of a recyclable bottle complements our fast-paced lives.

Oggn Home’s Tips for Using a Copper Water Bottle 

  1. Initial Cleaning: Before using your Oggn Home’s Sutra Plain Copper Water Bottle for the very first time, properly clean it with a mix of lemon juice and salt mixture or a vinegar-salt solution to get rid of any corrosion or dirt. 

  2. Daily Upkeep: Clean your bottle with plain water every day, and avoid using detergent, which will deplete the copper's therapeutic benefits. 

  3. Periodic Cleaning: To keep your Oggn’s Copper vessels like Meena-Printed Copper Water Bottles shining and effective, wash them every few weeks with a homemade remedy (lemon juice and salt or vinegar & salt). 

  4. Duration of Storing Water: Don't store it for longer than eight hours.


Therefore, the health pros of utilizing an Oggn Home’s copper water bottle are numerous, ranging from better digestion and heart wellness to increased cognitive abilities and antibacterial qualities. At Oggn Home, introducing copper water bottles into our daily lives has been a step toward greater wellness and eco-responsibility. If you want to enhance your wellness or lessen your environmental impact, a copper bottle of Oggn Home is a simple, straightforward but efficient choice.

 Join Oggn Home in fulfilling its vision- “Begin your road to healthy living with copper's ageless blessings. Your health and the ecosystem will be grateful to you”.

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